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Gerrit Bos - Everton, Ontario, Canada
Car in for safety, needed to find you phone number, and pleased to see this website! Keep up the good work! ...Gerrit

Erika - Everton, Ontario, Canada
After moving to the Rockwood area my husband and I purchased a brand new 2011 Ford Ranger. We have been reluctantly going back to the dealership for servicing & maintenance not knowing who else we could relay on. After numerous problems with our vehicle and a lack of trust we turned to Jim Humes for help. The service we received was exceptional!! They were friendly, honest and were able to solve the problem with our truck in a timely manner. We have been so thrilled with there service that I have already recommended him to a number of local friends. Thank you guys so much, we will definitely be back for all our vehicles needs.
J.I. Bakker - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
I called today to ask about getting a tune up. I would also like to have the brakes checked. The car is a Nissan Altima. I think it is a 2002. It is a four cylinder. I bought it new in Guelph at Guelph Nissan. One owner.